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The Goddess Banba joins the St Patrick’s Day Celebrations

The outpost of north-western Europe was brought into the fold of St Patrick’s Day celebrations this year as Malin Head was given the epic ‘Greening’ treatment that has become a world-wide phenomenon on St Patrick’s Day over recent years. Ireland’s most northerly point at Malin Head welcomed over 1,000  visitors each night to see Banba’s Crown bathed in green light, as this spectacular natural landmark of Donegal was given the ‘special places of interest’ treatment.
The structure is named in honour of the Patron Goddess of Ireland and Banba herself must have been smiling down from wherever it is that such dignitaries reside these days but she is sure to have been pleased by the little bit of magic that was brought to Malin Head on the nights of the 16th and 17th of March. 

The image of Banba’s Crown has captivated a worldwide audience through Tourism Ireland, Go Visit Donegal Facebook and twitter Page, which helps to place Donegal squarely in a position of must-see locations of Ireland which ultimately raises the profile of Donegal on a world-wide scale.

The response of the public has been fantastic for the first of what is hoped to be many such projects across the county, in recognition of our Patron Saint’s national holiday.  Go Visit Donegal  have said that in view of the tremendous support that this initiative was shown by the people of Donegal and beyond, we anticipate that many more famous landmarks of the Donegal landscape will receive similar treatment in the coming years. It is very important that the people of Donegal continue to recognise just how special this county is, support tourism within the county, and promote their county to friends, family, and acquaintances from abroad.

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