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Donegal Creatives release their 'One day ..' wishes

The Creative Industries in Donegal got the chance to shine during Enterprise Week this year (March 7th -11th, 2016). The Local Enterprise Office facilitated an exhibition of work produced by creators in the business of making a living from their creativity. An eclectic array of products and services from the creative sector were on display for the week in an unused commercial property in Letterkenny: textile designers and makers, potters and painters, sculptors, film-makers and photographers, fine artists and graphic designers were all represented. 

DNK Media Productions produced mini profile videos of a number of the creators introducing themselves, their work and declaring their 'One day …' wishes for release to the 'internet fairies' on social media.

All mini profile videos are available on our
  Go Visit Donegal YouTube Channel

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The exhibition will be run again as part of The Earagail Arts Festival, 15-17th July in The Town Centre Building, Scally Practice Place, Justice Walsh Rd., Letterkenny.

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