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7 Beaches off the Beaten Track

7 Beaches off the Beaten Track

Donegal has many wonderful beaches, some known and some not. The beauty in these beaches is the exclusivity you feel on the deserted sand. You may be there to reflect, refresh or to relax in the Atlantic Ocean. One thing for sure is that you always find yourself going back.

1.   Silver Strand

Although well known, Silver Strand is usually a deserted place all to oneself. It is an amazing beach which ties in so well with the Sliabh Liag peninsula. It never fails to take one to a different place, even the sheep that grace the hills here.  Don’t expect phone signal.

2.       TrĂ¡ Ban, St. John’s Point

Situated before the lighthouse, at the end of St. Johns Point lays a fabulous coral beach. The water is always pristinely clear and you can find small coral creatures. Another beach that doesn’t throw up many crowds. Also a great diving area.

3.       Murder Hole

Murder Hole is notorious for its name. There are many myths about how it got its name but one thing for sure is that it’s stunning and as off the beaten track as one can get. Difficult to access because of land issues, public access to land is closed meaning the only entry is a strenuous climb over the hill, but worth the trip. The Murder Hole is one of Donegal’s best-hidden gems – and is now officially Ireland’s most spectacular hidden beach!

4.       Maghera Beach, Ardara

Maghera is absolutely stunning with the added bonus of eerie caves. The area is vast with dunes and sand as far as you can see. The caves can be accessed and it’s a wonderful place to explore. There’s plenty of space to do some beach running too if that’s your thing. The beauty of it being off the road and a short walk over the dunes gets you there.

5.       Dunree Bay

Situated just outside Buncrana, Dunree bay is a stunning coved beach. Sheltered by Dunree Head and once protected by the old Fort Dunree, it is a place with historical significance. The beach is usually deserted so you may have it to yourself.

6.       Kinnagoe Bay

Kinnagoe Bay in Inishowen in the north of the county is a long sandy beach backed by a steep green hill.  The view from the road above over the bay is stunning and quite overwhelming, so is the steep drop to the beach below. Never overly crowded, another beach you may have to yourself and the dog.

7.       Cruit Island

 Cruit Island off the coast of West Donegal near Kincasslagh is a small island measuring roughly 3 miles by one mile. It is well off the beaten track and has a few sandy beaches. There is a golf club nearby, and in great weather the area is fabulous and the beaches are hidden gems.

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